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Book An Appointment

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International Patients Services

CARE Hospitals extends its services to people from all countries across the globe. The International Patient Services department offers 24*7 customized services and personal attention to international patients who come to India for medical treatment and care.

We provide a wide range of services for international patients including:

Appointment procedures

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Appointment procedures

To initiate the process, please email details of your condition and our treatment and care requirements, along with copies of your medical records, to care@carehospitals.com or alternatively you may submit the same in the query page. Do ensure that the records are complete and in English; they should include relevant scans, X-rays and medical test results.
Once we receive your enquiry, we will refer it to the specialist concerned, who will suggest the treatment procedure. The paperwork will begin when you accept and confirm the treatment plan. We will also indicate the estimated duration of your stay and anticipated tests and related services. You would need to give us all the basic information, such as the name of your employer, your home address and the type of insurance. Please clarify your doubts and be aware of all the details so that you can check whether your insurance provider will cover all the charges.

International Alliances

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